Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trilling game for Dollah Don

Extract fr. Sunday Times, 1/5/1949
In the eight minute Johore Bahru were awarded a penalty kick and Dollah Don equalised with a powerful drive. A Few minutes later Dollah Don netted their second goal. Soon Yunan scored the third goal. Three minutes from the end Dollah Don put in the fourth goal.
Don Scores Twice Against Visitors
Dollah Don netted two goals to enable the Singapore Malays defeat the visiting Indonesia Chinese soccer 2-1. The first goal in the first minutes of the game and the second one in the two minutes before the final whistle.
Extract fr. The malaya Tribune Monday August 1,1949

Toh Ah Ton - Do You Know This Star?

Perhaps, few soccer fans have heard of Ah Ton- for the big secret is that he is none othe than Dollah Don, the soccer star from Johore.

Dollah Don,.....outstanding

Extract fr. Malaya Tribune 22/9/1950 In the second half the PCFF added another three goals through Dollah Don.....

Dollah Don bags Two Goals
In the 10th minute when Dollah Don headed the ball in off a long lob from longman. The crownd cheered a fine piece of opportunism.
Dollah Don bagged both goals for his side.

Extract fr. The Straits Echo 9/12/1950

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dollah Don Created a sensation in Manila at the Rizal Memorial Stadium

Extract fr. The Philippines Herald,Sunday, January 29,1950
Dollah Scores 4 in Rizal Memorial Stadium,Manila
The games has been going three minutes when Dollah Don took a pass from outside-right Boey Guan Wah and slammed it into the net. The next goal was scored after twenty-four minutes play by Dollah Don and before the first half ended, the centre-forward had added two more goal.

Dollah Don center Forward of the Malayan Chinese team created a sensation, scoring four of the six goals...
Manila, Monday 30/1/1950

Dollah Don saved his team when he scored the final goal in the last two minutes of the game.

Dollah Don for Rangoon Tour

Dollah Don netted all the three goals in Segamat.
The best exhibitions of soccer seen locally for several years, a Johore Bahru District Xl scored a three-one victory over the segamat District Xl.
Showing marked superiority on the resumption, Johore Bahru netted three goals in quick sucession all through centre-forward Abdullah Don.

Extract fr. Sunday Times Reporter Segamat, Sat.

Malays Too Good For malayan Chinese
All the goals were scored in the first half- a period in which the best soccer was seen.
Dollah Don strengthened the position about 15 minutes later with a pretty shot. Controlling the ball with his head as it came from the left wing, he sent the ball to the far corner of the net.

Abdullah Don memang hebat!

Berita Harian, Sabtu 29, 1987

Hat-Trick by Dollah Don in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Sunday 22/1/1950

Determined Football
Malay's victory team played determined football and on the whole was faster and more methodical football. The hero of yesterday's game was Dollah Don who scored a hat trick .

Malay Draws First Blood
Malay drew first blood when Dollah Don scored.
Dollah Don sealed Hong Kong fate with good effort
Hong Kong, Tuesday, 24/1/1950
Today's game was faster and more exciting than Sunday's match which the Sino-Malays had beated Combined Hong Kong by four goals to two. Dollah Don, who scored a hat-trick on Sunday, was a consistent menace to the Hong Kong defence.

Hong Kong,Fridays 10/2/1950

The Malayans played well to a man and fully deserved to win.
Dollah Don completed the scoring for Malaysans....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ENGLISH COLLEGE, Down Memory lane - Dollah Don


FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1994

There is nothing like meeting old friends as it brings back past memories.